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Vickie Rose Coaching


Vickie Rose is a Certified Life Coach who found herself living with a placeholder website that she never took out of maintenance mode. She knew her placeholder site wasn’t clearly communicating the vision for her business and sought us out to create a beautiful place online where she can reach her audience and sell her services.

Vickie Rose Coaching


Vickie Rose colors


“Classy,” “glamorous,” and “smooth” were the words that drove this design. To bring these descriptive words to life we used a black and white color palette with pops of bright color and photography to match. A soft and simple X-shape pattern adds sophistication and interest, yet keeps the site clean and clutter-free — aiding in keeping the user from feeling overwhelmed.

Vickie Rose home

“I couldn’t believe it. Alli nailed my website design on the first try. I didn’t even tell her anything — SHE JUST DID IT and it is better than I ever could’ve imagined.”

Vickie Rose, Vickie Rose Coaching

Vickie Rose Coaching

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